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Hugh O'Connor Memorial

Tribute to Hugh

Tribute to Hugh


As If in a Dream
I have walked the earth as if in a dream,
Watering my soul at a forgotten stream,
Watching the memories upon the water gleam,
Wanting to believe that ancient myths are true,
That wishes did not evaporate like drops of dew,
That I could walk into the spirit world and somehow find you.
I have sat in my room as if in a dream,
And watched your face on the t.v. screen,
And immersed myself in every passing scene,
And imagined that all was just as before,
Moments frozen in time I will always adore,
Desperate memories too poignant to ever ignore.
Life is but a dream, they say,
And today
I wish it were true;
I could drift through the months of March April May,
And at the end I could still smile at you.
(poem written by Dawn L Sutherland, website owner)